Faculty CommunicationHow to reserve the Fabrication Studios for your class.

How to reserve the Fabrication Studios for your class.

Book time for your class to utilize the shops.

Step 1: Login at


Step 2: Select the "fab studios" tab from the tabs near the top of the page.

Fab Studios Tab

Step 3: Select "Faculty/Staff Reservations" from the menu on the left. (Your menu will appear differently than the one depicted here dependent  upon your role)

Select Faculty/Staff Reservations

Step 4: Select the Shop or Room you need to reserve.

Step 5: Select desired date and time of booking.

NOTE: Bookings need to be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Select Date and Time of Day

Step 6: Fill out all contact information. First and Last Name and your email address.  

Step 7: Select the duration of your reservation. Minimum of 30 Minutes - Maximum of 8 Hours

Select The Duration of Your Reservation

Step 8: If you require the assistance from a Technical Specialist (TS) check the box. If you do not complete this step a TS may not be available to assist you in the capacity which you require.

TS Assistance

Step 9: If you indicated above that you require the assistance of a Fab Studio staff member describe, in detail, what you require.  


  • I require a TS to be available to help monitor my students and provide assistance as needed
  • My students need to use the vacuum form machine in the plastic shop and would like a TS to demonstrate how to properly operate that machine.
  • I would like a TS to give my students a refresher on how to use the table saw.
Give Clear and Detailed Description

Step 10: Provide a link or some information regarding the assignment to give the Fab Studios staff the ability to better understand what your students will be working on. You can also email this to along with a brief description.

Provide Link to Assignment Information

Step 11: Click "Confirm Booking"

Click Confirm Booking

Step 12: Scroll back up and wait for the confirmation screen.

Please note the PPE requirements for the space you reserved and ask your students to be prepared with those items and proper attire for that day.

Confirmation Screen

Step 13: Check your Inbox for an automated confirmation email from the Fabrication Studios Director.

Check for Confirmation Email

Step 14: The email should look like this. Double check that everything is correct. If you need to change something please respond to this email with your changes.  

Confrimation Email