Faculty Major ApplicationMajor Application for Faculty Introduction

Major Application for Faculty Introduction

This guide uses Animation as the example Major for no other reason than it is alphabetically first.

Faculty Information page of

Your portal to Major Application provide information and access to the necessary tools to schedule and report the student applicant appointments and acceptance status.

  1. Faculty Major Application menu
  2. Faculty Information link (the page visible in graphic)
  3. Major Application Interview Calendar- Department Chairs can quickly view and print their interview schedule.
  4. Links to the department/ major specific tools to be used for information, scheduling and reporting
  5. Resource guides for Department Chairs about the process.
  1. Link to Google Sheets (Department specific sheet has been shared with Department Chairs for viewing Applicants and marking their status after the interview) See "How to use the Major Applicant Status Sheet" guide
  2. Link to Google Calendar (Department specific calendar has been shared with Department Chairs for viewing Applicants' scheduled interviews) See "How to use the Major Appointment Calendar" guide

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