Student User AccountsFirst Time account activation

First Time account activation

CIA uses Single Sign on accounts. This means that one account will give you access to:

  • Lab Computers
  • Email
  • WiFi networks
  • myCIA
  • Emergency notification

With this in mind it is essential to follow the steps for First Time Account Activation with OneLogin.

In a browser open

Login with:

  1. Email:
  2. Password: (the password provided by admissions)

The first time you log into OneLogin you will be required to:

The order of these steps may differ based on what service you log into first.

Create your security questions

Why have security questions?

If there is a problem with your account, this information will make it easier for you to log back in.

Tips for your answers to the security questions:

  • Do not use the same answer for multiple questions
  • Do not use a password as an answer
  • Answer a minimum of 3 questions.
  • Answers are not case-sensitive.
  • Special characters such as @#&*. will be ignored
  • Do not share your questions and answers with anyone.
  • Blank answers will not be accepted
  1. Choose a unique question from each of the 3 drop down menus.
  2. Enter unique answers.
  3. Tips for choosing your answers are listed next to the question and answer fields.
  4. Add additional questions (if desired)
  5. After choosing your questions and entering the answers select "save"

After saving the page will refresh to your OneLogin Profile page.

Here you can:

  1. Change your password
  2. Manage Security Questions
  3. Edit OneLogin app display preferences