Student Holiday Sale Item Submission

Updated Nov 13, 2018

The CIA store has been expanded to allow students to manage their Holiday Sale merchandise. This article will walk you through the basic steps for adding a product, setting its price and inventory, defining product variants and their prices.

1. Holiday Sale Item Submission

Log into myCIA and go to the Student Holiday Sale campus group

Open the Holiday Sale Item Submission Form

Log into your CIA Store seller account.
Read about creating an account or resetting a forgotten password.

  1. Email/Username: your CIA student email address
  2. Password: provided password or reset password
  3. Choose "Login"
1.1. "Session Expired" message
  1. If you see a message that your "Session Expired"
  2. Use the link above the form that says "Open the Seller Dashboard in a separate page." and then login


  1. Once logged in you will see your seller Dashboard.
  2. The Dashboard is an embedded site and myCIA will time out after 30 minutes of no myCIA page activity. If you expect to spend a long time entering products; use the "Open the Seller Dashboard in a separate page" link to open the Dashboard in a new window which will not time out while you are using it.
  1. Open the Products menu
  2. Choose Product Listing
  1. The products page will be blank before products are added
  2. Choose "Add Product"

The Add Product Window

Click and Expand the sections below for more information about each area of the Add Product window.

2. Product Details
  1. Choose Product: Normal Product is the only option
  2. Product Name: Use a name that identifies your product
  3. Product Type: Choose "Holiday Sale" This will also add your product to the Category so it appears in the POS (Point of Sale) for the cashier to charge the buyer
  4. Description: Enter a brief description of your product
3. Pricing Details

Enter the price for the individual product

Fees are included in your selling price and will be subtracted from your gross sales by the Business Office before you receive payment.
SAA retains 10% of sale price as a service fee.

4. Inventory Details

Tracking inventory is Required.
Quantity determines the number of printed product labels you will receive.  Labels are required for selling. If you expect to add product  the second day you should include them in your quantity in order to receive enough labels.

  1. Choose "Track this Product's Inventory"
  2. Specify the number of items you have for the product


5. Variant Details

Variants of a product are recognizably the same product with variations related to size, color, and material. If there is only 1 item for each variation it is recommended to list it as a separate product. (for example: 1 red cup, 1 blue cup, and 1 pink cup would be better listed as three separate items)

  1. Choose a Variant "Option Name"
  2. Enter the desired "Option Values"
  3. If another Option is needed select "Add another option" (not commonly used)

To Create the product and View the Variant details "Save Changes"

5.1. Edit Existing Variant Details

In this example, the Cup has three variants.

  1. Handle,
  2. tea,
  3. sippy.
  4. Each has the same price and quantity. This is because the original product information was entered before variants were enabled. Quantities and Prices can be changed for each style.
  5. Select the 3 dots under the Action column to open the menu
  6. Choose Edit

The Variant Edit window provides acces to edit:

  1. Variant Image
  2. Select Variant to edit
  3. Change the Variant Style name
  4. Change Variant price
  5. Change Variant Inventory Details
  6. Save Changes

After editing the Variant Details

  1. return to the product page
  2. by using the "<Back To" link.
  1. Product Image: Up to 5 images can be added if desired
  2. Categories (Do Not edit. The Student Holiday Sale category is set up to recognize the product automatically based on the Product Type in Product Details)
  3. "Save Changes" button

After "Saving Changes" the added products will appear on the Product List page.

  1. Products with variants of different price will display the highest price
  2. The Quantity will include the total of all variants available
  3. Enable means that the product is active for selling
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