CIA WiFi for Android Devices

Updated Mar 12, 2019

These instructions are for a personal device. Contact if your CIA issued device is not connecting to a wifi network.

You must perform this connection while on the CIA campus in the Academic building in order to complete the process without interruption.

Each Android device appearance will be different depending on the Brand and OS. This article will show 3 possible views. They are not guaranteed to look like your device. The basic steps and connection information will be the same.

Unlock your Android device

  1. Find, Tap and open "Settings"
  1. Depending on your device:
  2. Find "Connections" then "Wi-Fi" or just "Wi-Fi"
  1. Select “Add a new network” and fill in the windows that follow
  1. Network Name CIA-Student or CIA-Employee (case sensitive)
  2. Security type “WPA2-Enterprise AES” or EAP method “EAP-TTLS”
  1. Authentication method “Unencrypted password (PAP)”.
  2. Choose the option which indicates no certificate will be used. The option text will vary by device. (Transition of the password is still encrypted buy there is no local security certificate needed.)
  1. Enter your Username- not your email, just your username
  2. Enter your Password
  3. Select “Connect" or "Save"
  1. You are now connected to the CIA Wi-Fi network.
  2. It is strongly recommended that you select and choose to forget "CIA_Guest"


If you have problems connecting, and you are sure that all of the settings are entered correctly.
Enter them again, but...

  1. Before selecting "Save" or "Connect" -- SCROLL Down and look for Advanced Settings.
  2. Select "Hidden Network" and choose "Yes"
  3. Now select "Save" or "Connect"

Forget Guest

Forgetting a network prevents your device from connecting to an undesired network.

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