WebCheckout Tutorial

Updated Oct 16, 2019

  1. Start at the myCIA Homepage. Please note, you do not need to log into myCIA.
  2. Under QUICK LINKS, Click on Equipment Checkout.

3. Click on the Big Red Button.

4. Log in with your CIA email address and OneLogin password.

5. Close the "Message of the Day" dialogue box.

6. Click the left and right arrows to browse through the categories of items available for reservation.

7. Select the category you want. (In this example we are using Digital Still & Video Cameras)

8. Narrow the category down further. (In this example we are looking for a Basic DSLR camera)

9. If you click the clock icon, this will tell you which items in this category are available, or reserved.

10. When you scroll down, the specific cameras in this category are listed here. You can either get more info, or add to cart.

11. When you click "Add" it will show up in your shopping cart at the top

12. Click on the shopping cart.


13. Click "Create Reservation"


14. Set your Start Date.

15. Set your Return Date. Most items are reservable for 24 hours. (Intuous tablets, Cintiq Pens and Headphones can be borrowed up to 2 weeks at a time)

16. Set your desired pickup time (Please note the default time is always 10:30pm, you will need to change this).

17. Set your return time to match the pickup time.

18. Enter your Cell Phone #.

19. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.

20. Submit the reservation.

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