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Emails from myCIA Courses are intended as a one way primary message. It can be a used for announcements etc. Any replies will be to the faculty email account on record. All other email communication will take place between email accounts.

This article will explain where to find a record of those primary messages and its recipients.

For information on sending an email see:  How do I email my students from my course page?

Finding the email log

  1. Open your course page
  2. Select 'Course Manager' from the side menu
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  1. The section is now called 'Context Manager' don't be confused.
  2. Select the 'Email Log' tab
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Email Log Tour

The log provides information for each email sent from the course page.

It is only for the specific course page no other course's email logs will be available.

Before emails are sent only the column labels are visible.

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Log details

  1. Sender: Select the sender name to open the email message
  2. Portlet: Selecting the portlet name will open the page from where the message was sent
  3. Recipients: Displays the list of email recipients.
  4. Subject: Displays the email subject
  5. Time: Select time to open the email message
Overview | 101 20 - Faculty LMS Training | myCIA
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