Astra - 2020-2022 Academic Reservation Form


The purpose of this process is to allow instructors to schedule ad hoc physical meeting space outside of their regularly scheduled location (online or in-person) for during the academic term. Courses that need to change rooms for the entirety of the semester should reach out to the Registrar's office.

Additional information and resources found in the Astra page in MyCIA. Contact Connie at [email protected] if you have questions or need assistance.

Go to and log in with your CIA credentials (CIA username and network password). If you haven't logged in before, your account will be created. If you are unable to follow the steps in this section, contact [email protected] for assistance.

On your Astra Homepage, you'll see three sections with various information.

  1. The Introduction gives you relevant information for the term.
  2. My Requested Events includes your requested and approved events for the next 31 days, submitted through the Academic Reservation Form.
  3. The Academic Room Schedule displays all of the regularly scheduled course meetings for the next 31 days.

The Form

From your Astra Homepage click Request Event under My Requested Events or Academic Room Schedule. From the Dropdown menu, select Academic Room Reservation to be redirected to the form.

Read the important information found at the top of the Academic Room Reservation form to ensure that your request is permissible at this time. Please note that this information may change throughout the semester.

Please refer to the Smart Return to School planning document for the proper procedures for campus visitors and guest lecturers.  
Smart Return to School planning document

If a virtual meeting is preferred, Online Meeting resources are available on

Please enter the course number that this request is for in the What is the Course Number and Section? box. (For example, FDN 120/01)

Please submit reservation forms for one class at a time.

Your department or office name should autofill into the Customer field, or you can select the appropriate one. Your name and your email will autofill into the  Contact Name and Contact Email, since you are logged in with your CIA credentials. Please add a phone number that you can be reached at in Contact Phone.


Under Event Type, click the drop down arrow and then select Academic.

Under Event Description, enter a brief description for the reason of the location change.


Review the Important to Know information. This may be updated throughout the semester as well.

Click the blue Add Meeting.

In the window that pops up, enter the following information:

  1. Enter the Start Time, End Time, Start Date, and End Date for your event.
  2. Enter the Meeting Name. This should autofill from the What is the Course Number and Section? field.
  3. Enter a brief Description of the purpose of the change, if needed. (ex. Visiting Lecturer).
  4.  For Meeting Type, select Class Auditorium, Class Computer, or Class Traditional from the drop down menu. This changes the types of spaces that are suggested.
  5.  For Max Attendance, select the number of total attendees.
  6. Keep the box next to Requires Room checked.
  7. Click Add Meeting.

For attendance, include all students and instructors who will be in the space.

You may add multiple occurrences times by using the Multiple radial button. Or you can add additional requests by repeating the process with the Add Meeting button.

Please submit the form for only one course at a time, but you can repeat Meeting steps 1-7 for multiple dates, if needed. 


Click the blue Assign Rooms button to request a particular room.

In the new window, select the space that you would like to meet in. Selected rooms will turn green. Unavailable rooms are in red.

  • Click the room under the date(s) you would like to meet. Click OK.

Click Room at the top to sort the rooms into numerical order.

Click the drop down arrow next to Custom to choose between the Meeting Type to view the different categories of available spaces.

If you are unable to find a space for your class to meet, email [email protected]. Include the information you entered above in your email message.

Read the ending statement. To mark your agreement with the statement, check the box.

Click the blue Submit button at the bottom of the form.

What Happens Next?

1. You will receive an email from [email protected] as a receipt of your reservation request with the details you entered.

2. Your request will be sent to Connie Gilbert, receptionist + reservationist, who will review the request.

3. Connie will reach out to the contact person listed on the form for additional information, if needed. Requests for additional information will primarily be through email.

Possible reasons for additional information include looking at alternative spaces or if the request is outside of the course’s regularly scheduled time.

4. If applicable, Connie will work with the Offices of the Registrar, Facilities, Security, Academic Affairs, department chairs, or other campus partners if any further approval is needed.

5. You will receive a confirmation from [email protected] confirming your response. Expect this email within 1-2 business days of submitting your request.

This confirmation will also be sent to all relevant offices.

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