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Updated is built on Jenzabar eLearning and is integrated with The interface is styled to be visually separate and to eliminate unnecessary site menus.

  • myCIA Learn is designed so that Faculty and Students see and use the same core tabs and pages.
  • Faculty are admins in their course pages and are able to create new pages and choose what pages are visible to their students. New pages are hidden from students by default.


  1. Access myCIA learn directly with Https://
  2. While on select Learn from the top menu bar
  3. To return to the myCIA Learn's homepage from within Learn select the Learn portion of the myCIA Learn logo
  4. To return to myCIA while on select the myCIA logo

Learn Home

  1. Learn Home displays the user's current courses Where are my Courses? (Faculty)
  2. Course Evaluations explains evaluations for faculty and students, and provides access to evaluations for students  and related reports for faculty
  3. Grades and Attendance provides instructions for Faculty to submit grades using their Course Gradebooks and a Grade report for students to retrieve their official grades as submitted by the Faculty
  4. Copy Courses (only visible to faculty) is used for copying one course as a template onto another
  5. My Groups displays all groups the current user belongs to on myCIA
  6. My Pages access to a users customizable pages on myCIA
  7. My Courses provides quick access to a users current courses (14 days prior until 14 after the course dates)

Course Pages

Course pages are created automatically when the registrar schedules the course. Faculty  will not have access to the pages until they are added to the course by the registrar. Students will have access to the course page after they register for the course and the course is scheduled by the Registrar.

The auto created course content and pages are based on:

  • Previous course sections and the modifications, if any, made by the previous faculty member
  • Default course template of basic pages for new courses

Course Page Basics

Two ways to access a course page from  myCIA Learn

  1. Learn Home Courses Table
    1. Choose the Term from the drop down
    2. Select the Course Code link
  2. My Courses Tab Drop Down
    1. Open the tab drop down
    2. Choose the desired current course

Default Course Pages

Previous courses will be used as the template for new term course sections.  Course structure and page names may vary based on what previous faculty have done to their course pages.

Current faculty can safely update, change , and delete unwanted content and assignments. Changes to a new course have no effect on previous courses.

Default course pages that cannot be deleted, but can be hidden by faculty are:

  1. Overview
    1. For students to see upcoming assignments, calendar dates, etc
    2. Directly affected by how the course is managed by the Faculty
  2. Attendance: List of students and meeting schedule based on Registrar data
  3. Coursework: create and manage assignments
    1. Basic: For anything (and everything!) else. Whatever the actual activity is, this simple format will present the assignment details to students and let faculty manually enter grades.
    2. File Upload: For collecting one or more files from students. Papers, lab notes, art projects -- any files that can be uploaded can be accepted here.
    3. Forum: Completed via participation in a course forum or discussion board.
    4. Online Test: For all types of online testing, from pop quizzes to final exams. You build (or import) the test, and students take it online.
  4. Gradebook
    1. references Coursework
    2. Calculates grades for student reference and faculty submission at MidTerm and Finals
    3. Does not reflect submitted midterm and final grades unless all assignments are tracked in coursework and the submitted grade was not modified at time of submission.
  5. Course Information
    1. Visible to anyone
    2. Cannot be edited
    3. Pulls from catalog and faculty assignments managed by the Registrar

Other Common pages

Because faculty are their own course page admins their changes will carry over and possibly affect a new course.

This may result in additional pages with distinct names. It may also affect student viewing permissions if they have opted to hide any default pages.

Available page types that may exist or can be added, which may have a different name or grouped content types from several pages are:

Roster/Email: contains the current roster of students and allows faculty and students to initiate an email to specific course members. All emails initiated from this page are continued in the users' personal email accounts.

Discussion Forum: Faculty managed discussion forum. Requires set up and student permissions.

Chat: realtime chat for anyone with access to the page. Unmonitored unless a schedule is created and logs are turned on.


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