How do I provide advisors basic access to my course?


Open the main course page

Open the main course page

Open Course Manager

Course (Context) Manager

Context Manager

Open the permissions tab.

Course (Context) Manager | Permissions

  1. By default the Course (Context) Manager opens to the Administrator role setting which cannot be changed by the course faculty
  2. Roles which have access to the course are listed here and can be selected in order to edit their permissions
  3. Select "+Add context role" to create a custom "context role"
  1. "Non-roster" students and "guest" Faculty can be added to the course and receive the same access and permissions provided to Roster students and assigned Faculty

Learn more about adding "Non-roster" students and "guest" Faculty

After selecting "+Add context role"

  1. Name the new role
  2. For very specific roles a member may be added individually
  3. Because the Advisor role exists already, simply check the box ( all myCIA users with the role of Advisor will be granted the access that you provide)
  4. Select "Save"


  1. The context role "Advisors" is selected
  2. Select "Can View" for pages you would like the context role to view (After it is selected "Can View" will be highlighted in black or very dark gray)
  3. The context role can be updated with additional members or simply deleted
  4. Changes to this page save automatically

Adding a "context role" will not provide access to assignments or the grade book features. If a person needs access to view and/or edit these areas they will need to be made either a "Non-roster" students and "guest" Faculty. Learn more about adding "Non-roster" students and "guest" Faculty

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