How do I show or hide a page?


This guide is a basic overview of page permissions.

Main Page | Admin Menu

Each page in a course has access permissions, which are based on a visitor's user role in myCIA.

An instructor for a course is also the Administrator of the course's page and page content.

  1. For individual pages Access is managed through the admin menu at the top of each page.

Main Page | Access settings

  1. Members of a course are listed first.

They include:

  • Faculty
  • Students

If you are the instructor, don't remove Faculty permissions. It will lock you out of the page and even the course.

2. Permissions can be set for parts of a page depending on what the page contains.

There are many roles in myCIA. Each page is usually only viewable for Faculty, Students and myCIA Administrators.

One exception is the Course Information page, which is visible to anyone.

New Pages and Viewing Permissions for all pages at once

New Pages and Viewing Permissions for all pages at once

New pages are automatically hidden to everyone but Faculty and myCIA Administrators.

To view all pages' access permissions at one time, open the Context Manager and choose the permissions tab.

Context Manager | Permissions

The role has permission to view a page when the box is checked.

New pages will not be checked for viewing until the Administrator chooses to do so.

Remember to Save

Remember to Save

Checking a box will do nothing unless the Save button is clicked.

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