How do I email my students from my course page?


The Roster page

  1. The Roster page displays all students and faculty in the course.
  2. Photos of the course members will be visible if available.
  3. A printable roster is available.
  4. Emails can be sent to select individuals, faculty or student groups.
Roster - Main View | Roster | 101 20 - Faculty LMS Training | myCIA

Choose email recipients

Emails can be sent to 1 of 3 recipient groups.:

  1. Selected
  2. Faculty
  3. Students


Roster - Main View | Roster | 101 20 - Faculty LMS Training | myCIA

To send an email:

  1. Choose your recipients/group
  2. Select 'Open email'

Compose and send your Email

Email composer tour

  1. Selected recipients
  2. Public display of email address will show all recipients to everyone in the email. This may not be desired by all students. Check with them before using public.
  3. Private will hide all email address from all recipients of the email
  4. Email subjects should be clear and simple, not too long, not too short, just right.
  5. Files may be attached to messages. Use this wisely.
  6. The email message text can be composed and styled with the text area and tool bar.
  7. Select 'Send' when you are happy with the message.

There is no Draft functionality. Leaving the page will delete any progress.

It is recommended that  messages be composed in a separate document and pasted into the composer.

Roster - ** EMAILVIEW | Roster | 101 20 - Faculty LMS Training | myCIA

The page reloads with a message that "Your message sent successfully!"

Roster - Main View | Roster | 101 20 - Faculty LMS Training | myCIA

Emails will be received by the recipient's email address of record.

An email log for each course is located on the Course Manager page. Read about the email log myCIA Email Log

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