How Do I add a Guest Faculty to my course?


There are times when another individual may need to have faculty level access to a myCIA course pages. Guest faculty should be managed by the Lead Course Instructor.

Questions about policy should be addressed to the Registrar's office ([email protected]).

Add Guest Faculty

  1. Log into myCIA Learn and navigate to your course page.
  2. Open Course/Context Manager
  1. Select the Permissions tab
  2. Select 'Manage non-roster students and faculty'
  1. Scroll down and choose 'Add a guest faculty member'
  2. In the pop-up choose 'Add Individual Users'
  3. In the pop-up window search for the person
  4. Choose the person from the list
  5. Select 'Add' to move them to 'Selected Users'
  6. Select 'OK'

Multiple people may be added at a time.

  1. The new faculty are now selected
  2. Select 'Save' to close the pop-up
  3. the new faculty are now listed

You may return to your course page.


Remove Guest Faculty

To remove a guest faculty

Follow steps 1-4

  1. Find the guest faculty to remove
  2. Select 'Remove'

There is no removal verification, the guest faculty will just disappear. If the wrong person was removed follow the Add Guest Faculty steps again.

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