How to use the Major Applicant Status Sheet


Avoid Confusion:

If you have a personal Google account, confirm that you have switched to your CIA Google account. Otherwise you will not see what has been shared with you for Major Acceptance.

Google Sheets

You will not have many sheets to choose from unless you regularly use Google Spreadsheets or have multiple sheets shared with you by others in the CIA community.

Since the Department sheet is shared with you a quick way to find it is to display sheets "Not owned by me."

Look for a sheet named MA- Department/Major name

Double Click the sheet to open it.

Understanding the sheet

  1. Major Name will appear at the top of the Sheet and be repeated in the Major column
  2. The number of students applying are tallied for convenience only.

If a student is interviewed but not listed on the spreadsheet, DO NOT ADD THEM to the list. Notify Academic Affairs BEFORE MARKING ANY STUDENT'S STATUS.

Note: You are only editing three columns; Status, Notes, and Wait List Rank.

Academic Affairs has access to a spreadsheet which is collecting all of the MA- Major sheets. This sheet is collecting the Name and email data from a master repository sheet. You won't be able to change that information.

Major Applicant Status

After the interview simply mark the student's status on the spreadsheet. What you see is the information that will be used by Academic Affairs when contacting students.

Status fields have 5 options available.

  1. Accepted
  2. Not Accepted
  3. No Appointment Made
  4. No Show
  5. Wait List- only for students you would accept if you had room

Notes fields should only be completed when conditions apply to a student's acceptance.

Interview Results Student Notification

The compiled information from all Major Acceptance spreadsheets will be used by Academic Affairs  to create a mailing list.

The mailing list will merge the data into a notification email for students. It will direct students to the Major Acceptance form. They will specify the Major they will enter and any Wait Lists they would like to remain on. (Students will be instructed to accept a Major if offered, and also stay on a Wait list if they would prefer to enter the Wait Listed major.)

Major Student Acceptance Report

After students are notified of your decision they will submit their final decisions via an online form.

The MA- Major sheet will update automatically with the name of those students choosing your Major.

Their names and email addresses will be found in the Major Student Acceptance tab.

Major Wait List Report

This tab is a split view and Duplicates what is seen in the Major Acceptance Report Tab for reference while reviewing the Wait List Report.


  1. Acceptance Report
  2. Wait List Report

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