How to use the Major Appointment Calendar


Avoid Confusion:

If you have a personal Google account, confirm that you have switched to your CIA Google account. Otherwise you will not see what has been shared with you for Major Application.

Google Calendar Overview

  1. The Google user currently logged in
  2. My calendars -calendars owned by user
  3. Other calendars- calendars shared with user. MA- Major calendar will be here.
  4. Scheduled appointments

MA- Animation Calendar Example

Select the appropriate dates of Major Application Interview week, otherwise you won't see the desired information.

You will only see the calendars that are owned by or shared with you.

The interview calendar is a shared calendar and will be visible under Other Calendars.

  1. If the color block is visible then the calendar items are visible on the calendar.
  2. An event called 'Interview Day' indicates the time available for appointments to the scheduling form
  3. Interview Day is marked as Free because otherwise appointment times would not be available
  4. Breaks and Student interviews are marked as busy
  5. Multiple interview appointments are managed by the form based on the number of interviewers indicated in advance by the Department Chair

The Schedule View


The interview schedule can be viewed in Google Calendar or on the Faculty Information page of the Major Application section of myCIA.

  1. The Schedule view and the Agenda tab will provide you with the schedule for your Interview day.
  2. Visible information will include; Time, Interviewee's name and email address
  3. Print the Schedule (Agenda)
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