How do I schedule myCIA course page visibility


This article will illustrate the process for set the course visibility on myCIA. It is easy for an instructor to hide the entire myCIA course page section while building content, or to schedule the day for students to view the course pages.

This applies to the entire course section. For information on page visibility see How do I show or hide a page?

Log into myCIA

Open the faculty tab

Under 'All My Courses' choose future courses to view upcoming courses.

Select the desired course code to open the course page

Select and open Context Manager

On the Context Manager 'Properties' tab find 'Hide from Students:' and set a day and time for the course pages to become visible to students.

Save Changes


Test the changes

Instructors have the ability to view their course as a student. Which is always the best way to confirm what the students will or won't see.

Open the 'Current view' Dropdown

Choose 'View as: Students'

Select 'Change View'

  1. When course visibility is scheduled (hidden), students will see a message at the top of the page listing the day, date and time the course will be visible to them.\
  2. Select 'Back to Regular View' to return to the Faculty view.
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