CECO User AccountsHow do I reset my lost CE password?

How do I reset my lost CE password?

This information applies to students of CECO. If you are a CIA student or employee this will not apply.

So you forgot your password?

So you forgot your password?

Dreaded words? Invalid Login?

  1. Enter your username (not your email address)
  2. Click "I forgot my password"

Not a problem.

Not a problem.
  1. Your username will be displayed
  2. Click "Send New Password"
  3. an email will be sent to the email on record with the system
Hint Question for added security

For added security you can choose to add a custom hint question and answer. The answer will need to be submitted correctly before the password reset email is sent.

The custom hint question and answer is created in the My profile & settings under Password & Privacy after logging into myCIA. See step 7 in How do I change my CE password?

New Password eMail

New Password eMail

The email will come from Web and the email address will be

If you don't see the email, check your Spam or Junk folder.

It is recommended that you login to and change the password right away to your own password.