CIA WiFi for Windows 10

Updated Oct 27, 2020

These instructions are for a personal device. Contact if your CIA issued device is not connecting to a wifi network.

You must perform this connection while on the CIA campus in the Academic building in order to complete the process without interruption.

After logging into Windows 10

  1. Click on the wireless/network icon in toolbar
  2. Select “Network & Internet settings”
  1. Select WI-FI from the left column
  2. Select “Manage known networks” from the right side
  1. Select “Add a new network” and fill in the window as follows
  2. Network Name CIA-Student or CIA-Employee (case sensitive)
  3. Security type “WPA2-Enterprise AES”
  4. EAP method “EAP-TTLS”
  5. Authentication method “Unencrypted password (PAP)”. Transition of the password is still encrypted buy there is no local security certificate needed.
  6. Select “Connect Automatically” (can be changed later if user desires)
  7. Select “Connect even if this network is not broadcasting” (very Important as the SSID will not be broadcasting)
  8. Click Save
  1. Select CIA_Guest on the left side if it is a known network
  2. Click on Forget
  3. Close the Settings panel
  1. Select the wifi icon in the bottom
  2. Click on the wireless network you just created
  3. Select Connect
  1. Enter your CIA username
  2. and password
  3. Select "OK"
  4. Select "Connect" on the information screen that comes up
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