CIA WiFi Profile for Mac OS

Updated Oct 28, 2020

These instructions are for a personal device. Contact if your CIA issued device is not connecting to a wifi network.

If you have recently updated your password, and need to update the WiFi profile on your Mac OS device, you FIRST need to delete the old profile. Learn how here.

You must perform this connection while on the CIA campus in the Academic building in order to complete the process without interruption.

Connect to the CIA guest network or another wifi network.

You will need an internet connection in order to download the CIA WiFi profile for your personal device.

Navigate to and login

Navigate to directly or use the top page navigation of myCIA

Once in the myCIA Technology section open the WiFi page

Download the WiFi Profile

Look for and select the appropriate WiFi profile download link.

Choose where you want the download to be saved.

Make note of the

  1. File name and
  2. The location

so you can find it after the download.

  1. Select "Save"

Install the WiFi Profile

  1. Use the finder icon to launch a finder window
  2. Locate the downloaded WiFi profile
  3. Double click the profile

The location and the file display will vary based on where you save the profile and your view settings

The install dialogue will appear.

Your options are:

  1. Continue (this will install the profile)
  2. Cancel (you can stop the installation and start again at another time)
  3. Show Profile (review the contents of the profile being installed)

Choose Continue

You will be asked to confirm you want the profile to install, because this is an unsigned internal profile.

Choose Continue

Enter your CIA credentials

  1. CIA Username (not your email, just your username)
  2. CIA Password
  3. Select Install

You will need to provide your Computer Administrator's user name and password. This Profile is not for CIA equipment it is only to be used on personal devices.

  1. Enter your computer Admin's User Name and Password (CIA will not know this information)
  2. This is the network sign in that triggered the Admin pop up (you already filled this out)

After the WiFi Profile is Installed

  1. After the WiFi profile is installed it will appear under the User Profiles. It will need to be selected as your preferred network while on campus. Otherwise the Guest Network will continue to be the default. Need help finding the user profile window?
  2. Click the < back arrow to view the Network Settings.

This next step must be completed while on the CIA campus. (Open System Preferences > Network if you are continuing from a previous time.)

With CIA_Guest displayed in Network Name:

  1. Uncheck "Automatically join this network"
  2. Apply will remain gray with no need to be clicked

Now CIA_Guest is no longer the default network for your device.

You still have to choose the new network though. So keep reading.

Choose the new profile name from the Network Name dropdown

You now have the choice of allowing the Mac keychain share information with the Network profile.

The Mac Help info is displayed in the screenshot in more depth. Basically your options are

  1. Always Allow (you won't be asked to enter your network password again as long as it is in your keychain
  2. Deny (you will always need to enter your network password when connecting)
  3. Allow ( you will need to enter the network password again as necessary)
  4. Enter your keychain password and choose your preferrence ( not your CIA network password unless you made it the same)
  1. You are connected. Now test the Auto Join
  2. Click Turn Wi-Fi Off
  3. Connection is Off
  4. Click Turn Wi-Fi On
  5. Connection is On
  6. Repeat if you really want to, otherwise go use the network connection
How to find the installed user profiles

To view, add or remove User Profiles

  1. Open Settings
  2. Choose "Profiles"
  1. Installed User Profiles are listed in the left column
  2. A selected profile will display its details to the right
  3. New profiles may be installed by selecting "+" and finding the installation file on your computer
  4. Remove an installed profile by selecting it from the list of installed user profiles and selecting "-"
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