CIA WiFi Profile for iOS: iPhone/iPad

Updated Oct 28, 2020

These instructions are for a personal device. Contact if your CIA issued device is not connecting to a wifi network.

If you have recently updated your password, and need to update the WiFi profile on your iOS device, you FIRST need to delete the old profile. Learn how here.

You must perform this connection while on the CIA campus in the Academic building in order to complete the process without interruption.

If you are not connected to the internet via cellular data either connect to the CIA guest network or another wifi network.

You will need an internet connection in order to download the CIA WiFi profile for your personal device.

  1. Using Safari (You must use Safari, other browsers prevent downloads.)
  2. Login to with your CIA account credentials
  3. Enter your Username- not your email, just your username
  4. Enter your Password
  5. Tap Login

Navigate to directly or use the top page navigation of myCIA.

  1. Once in the myCIA Technology section open the side menu by tapping the blue circle in the bottom corner
  2. Choose the WiFi page

Download the WiFi Profile

Look for and select the appropriate WiFi profile download link.

Install the WiFi Profile

After tapping the download link the profile will be recognized and you will be asked for permission to continue.

Choose "Allow"

The Install Profile window provides the following options

  1. Install- Tap Install to continue
  2. More Details- for the curious
  3. Cancel- You will need to use the download link again to install the profile
  4. Choose "Install"

Enter the passcode used to unlock your device

  1. A Warning will appear Because this is an unsigned internal profile.
  2. Tap Install to dismiss the Warning
  3. Another Install link appears at the bottom of the screen
  4. Tap Install

Enter your CIA account credentials

  1. Enter your Username- not your email, just your username
  2. Tap Next
  3. Enter your Password
  4. Tap Next

If you have iOS 14, you won't be asked for your CIA account credentials until you pick the CIA-Student or CIA-Employee network from the WiFi setting.

  1. The profile has been successfully installed.
  2. Tap "Done"

After the WiFi Profile is Installed

  1. If you see the Profile window Tap General
  2. and then Settings
  3. Otherwise find and open your device Settings

In Settings find and Choose "Wi-fi"

Most likely the current Wi-Fi connection is set to connect automatically.

  1. You will want to tell your device to forget CIA_Guest and
  2. Have your device remember the CIA_"Profile" just installed
  3. To "Forget" CIA_ Guest, Tap "CIA_Guest"
  1. While viewing the settings for CIA_Guest
  2. Tap "Forget This Network"
  1. A Confirmation window will appear
  2. Choose Forget


  1. Select the newly installed profile
  2. Watch for the progress animation
  1. Don't panic if you see a message stating that the device is " Unable to join "CiA-..."
  2. Tap "OK"

If your device does not join the new network try again. It may still be forgetting CIA_Guest.


If you receive a password error message. (Expand for help)

Don't worry if get an error about an incorrect password. You entered the wrong username or password while installing the profile.

  1. Tap OK
  2. Enter your CIA username and Password
  3. Tap Join
  1. Congratulations! The checkmark says you are now connected.
  2. Click on  the Network Name and
  3. Make sure Auto-Join is turned on
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