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Do Not begin the assessment report until you have reviewed all students that you are assessing.

If you cannot see what you expect to see on the CoursEval Dashboard. Refresh your browser tab or log  into myCIA.

If you click on an assesment link and get an access error on CoursEval. Refresh your browser tab or log  into myCIA.

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Non-CIA assessment participants

Those that are invited to submit an assessment without a CIA user account will receive an email with login credentials for CoursEval. They will be able to follow the steps listed in this article.

CIA account assessment participants

Log into and go to the CoursEval Dashboard under the Faculty tab.

Under My Surveys find the Assessment/Evaluation. Select "Take Now" and the a new window will open. is sharing your screen.

The Assessment Report

DO NOT Deslect students that you have reported on. It will remove your submitted information.

You must select All Students you are reporting assessment data for. This is one assessment for the Department and will only include the students you select. You will be able to edit after submitting the assessment until the Survey closes. Unchecked students will not be included in your final response.

Evaluations - 2020 SP (2021) ASSESSMENT FORMS – April 2021
Evaluations - 2020 SP (2021) Dept Assessment Demo
  1. After selecting "Save And Continue" you will be taken to the next student in your list until all Students have been assessed.
  2. If you need to take a break select "Finish Later" and you can return to the Assessment when ready to continue.

After completing the assessments for each student selected at the beginning you will be able to "Submit Survey" or "Finish Later"

Submitted Surveys may be edited until the survey closed date arrives. Remember that unchecked students will not be included in your final submission.

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Finish Later

Refresh your browser tab or log back into myCIA

When choosing to "Finish Later" the survey link will change from "Take Now" to "Continue." Select Continue to enter additional assessments and changes until you are ready to submit. Once the survey is submitted you will need to Edit the completed survey.

Edit after submitting

Refresh your browser tab or log back into myCIA

  1. Select the "Completed" tab to view submitted surveys that can still be edited
  2. Find the desired survey to edit and select "Edit Survey Answers" beneath the "Date Closed" column.
  3. Edit the survey as desired then Submit your changes.
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