Find-Me Faculty/Staff Printing Queue


The Find-Me queue is available on Mac computers across campus. If you have a CIA-owned Macbook, the Find-Me queue will be deployed to that device as well. Use this queue to print to any copier around campus. Copiers are available in the Library, Student Affairs, the Staff Lounge, Continuing Ed, Academic Affairs, the 3rd-floor Techbar, Foundations Office, Admissions, the President's Office, Business Affairs, and the IT office.

1. Select Find-Me Faculty/Staff from the Printer drop-down.

2. Make sure your other settings are correct and click Print.

1. Input your CIA username and password. 

2. Click OK. (if the password was correct, the print will appear in the next step)

1. Approach the copier you want to use. Please be aware that copiers have different capabilities:

  • Samsung X7600LX are full color and can staple. They are located in Student Affairs, the Techbar, the Staff Lounge, Admissions, and the President's Office.
  • Samsung X4250LX are black & white and cannot staple. They are located in Academic Affairs, IT, Foundations, the Library, and Business Affairs.

2. Touch your CIA ID to the Lake Sticker. You should hear a beep as the copier acknowledges your badge.

If this is the first time you've swiped your card, put in your CIA username and password.

1. Once you are logged in, look for Held Jobs. It will be in one of two places:

  1. Under XO Widgets in More Apps
  2. As an App in the Dock

1. You should see your print in the Document Column. 

2. Click the document name you want to print. (In this example, the document name is Devotions.pdf)

3. Click Print

If you've sent multiple prints and you want the copier to print all of them. Click Print All.

Once your documents have printed, don't forget to Log Out.

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