How to get my archived course evaluations.


Start by loggin to myCIA.

1) Click on Faculty tab.

2) Click on the CoursEval Dashboard - left side of screen.

1) Click on the Reports tab.

2) Click on the Evaluation Reports.

The only pull down menu you need to change is the PERIOD pull down menu.

1)  Cllick on the PERIOD pull down menu.

2) Click on the semester you wish to look at or click Show All to see all semesters.

So, you have picked Fall semester.  Notice below your pull down menus are where your semesters course evaluations are dislayed and to the far right (slide screen to the right) you will notice little white boxs under the Inlcude colum.  Click on the box of the course you wish to review the course evaluation.  Now, click on one of the three blue buttons above to either View, save as a PDF or Print.

This is how your report will look inthe "Veiw" mode.  You also have the option to view and save it as a pdf or print it.

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