How to share Google Drive items with Students and Vice Versa


You may have noticed that sharing Google Drive items (folders, docs, sheets, etc) with students via a shared link often results in the students requesting access. You many have also noticed that when students share a link to a Google Drive item with you, you also cannot view without requesting access. This is because students are not on the same Google domain with faculty and staff. The student domain is, and the faculty and staff domain is

So how do I share Google Drive items with students and how do they share things with Faculty/Staff?

The only option for sharing with students to faculty or faculty to students through Google Drive is to either

  1. create a fully public folder/doc/item available to anyone with the link or
  2. share the item directly to their individual emails.

In Google Drive, right click the item you want to share. Click Get Shareable Link.

If Link Sharing is off, click the sliding tab to the right.

Once Link sharing is on, you'll notice the notification says, "Anyone at the CIA with the link can view". This is inaccurate. It should really say "Anyone with the same domain can view" Remember, students and staff/faculty are on different domains. To make this document really viewable to everyone with the link, click Sharing settings.

Now click the drop down menu that reads "Anyone at the CIA with the link can view".

Click More.

Select "On - Anyone with the link". Now anyone with the shared link, no matter what domain they are in faculty/staff/student or other, can see what you shared just by clicking the link. Click Save, and copy and paste the link on the web or in an email.

2. Share Google Drive items with students/faculty directly

In Google Drive, right click the item you want to share. Click Share.

Manually type each email or copy and paste a list of emails you want to share the item with. Click Send. Now these individuals won't need to request access.

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