How to submit grades with myCIA Learn


Grades may be submitted only when designated by the Registrar. If you are unable to submit your grades contact the Registrars office at [email protected] The time may have ended.

Basic Grade Submission Steps

  1. Open your myCIA Learn Course Page
  2. Click on Gradebook
  3. Select "Submit your grades"
  4. Verify or update the student's grade
  5. Check the box for each student you are ready to submit a grade for
  6. Press "Submit Selected Grades"

Detailed Grade Submission Steps

myCIA Learn courses allow for grades to be managed in the gradebook and submitted or entered directly and submitted.

If assignments are created and collected with Learn the Gradebook calculates the grade. The current grade is visible to students based on settings in the assignment.

This help article will explain how to submit Midterm and Final grades using your myCIA Learn course Gradebook.

Open the Gradebook Page

  1. Student Grades as currently calculated
  2. Link to full Gradebook with assignments and their respective grades
  3. Choose whether to include attendance in your final grade
  4. Choose 'Submit your grades'

'Submit your grades' takes you to the grade submission page. It is the beginning of the process.

The submit grades page lists your student roster with their calculated grade, if available.

  1. Tab for current grades to be submitted
  2. Status of the grades being displayed
  3. Students with a Grade ready for submission will be tagged with a checkmark in a green circle
  4. Students requiring a Grade before submission will be tagged with an exclamation point in a red circle
  5. All grades may be adjusted before submission
  6. If assignments are not managed in the course the grade must be selected before submission
  7. Check the first column checkbox for students you are ready to submit grades for
  8. Select 'Submit Selected Grades'
  1. A new table of Submitted students will appear after grades are submitted.
  2. If a student had a grade for submission but was unchecked at the time of submission will appear with a check mark in the 'Not yet submitted' table.
  3. If a student appears in the 'Submitted' table their grades have been submitted to the registrar.
Update a submitted Grade

Grades may be updated after submission if the submission time window set by the Registrar is still active.

  1. Enter an updated grade
  2. Select 'Submit Selected Grades'

A confirmation message will appear above the submission tables.

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