CIA WiFi and Network Basics

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These instructions are for a personal device. Contact if your CIA issued device is not connecting to a wifi network.

For the convenience of the CIA community and guests using personal devices; there are 2 WiFi networks available in the Academic building.

  • CIA-WiFi: Accessed on personal devices with a CIA account.
  • CIA-117 and CIA-Uptown: Residence Hall Networks Accessed with a CIA account
  • CIA-GUEST: Accessed by anyone after accepting a usage policy.
  • CIA devices requiring WiFi and Network access need to be connected by a member of IT.

Device Specific instructions

Connecting to the WiFi networks is easy.

  • Open your device's wifi settings
  • Choose CIA-WiFi
  • Enter your CIA username and Password

Detailed Articles will be linked below.

Device  Operating System (OS)
Laptop/Desktop* Mac
Residence Hall Tech Game console*
Spectrum TV on Personal Devices

*You will have a better experience using the wired network for your game console and desktop computer.

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