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Some limited beneficiary information was moved from the Ease database into Paycor. We are asking all benefits eligible employees to review and update their beneficiaries. You now have the ability to access and update this information at any time directly in Paycor. It is recommended you include as much information as possible so that the correct individual can be contacted if necessary.

Accessing Current Beneficiaries

  1. Log in to your Paycor profile and find the Me link on the top menu bar

2.    Hover over Me and select Benefits from the menu

 3.     Select Edit dependent profiles from the welcome menu

4.     Dependent information was populated based on what was available in the Ease system. Family members listed here will automatically be available to select as beneficiaries on the next screen.

Under Beneficiaries all family members and/or dependents previously elected in the Ease system will be listed.

5.     If you would like to add an individual/trust you can select Add Beneficiary.

6.     Individuals not listed in your dependent section will show in blue and you will be able to select and update their contact information.

When adding a beneficiary please include identifying and contact information in addition to their name. This enables CIA and our insurance company to contact them more easily if necessary.

We included as much information from the Ease system as possible but HR was unable to import social security numbers or dates of birth from Ease.  Name, address, and phone numbers were included if available.

7.     Below the list of beneficiaries will be the Beneficiary Designation section. Please confirm your Primary and Secondary beneficiaries. If you have any voluntary coverage that require beneficiary elections those will appear on the list.

If you elected voluntary plan coverage for your spouse or child you will need to update those beneficiaries. That information was not previously requested so you may be listed as the default beneficiary.

If you have any questions please contact HR at [email protected].

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