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The Cleveland Institute of Art uses a Single Sign-on Service called OneLogin to provide Students, Faculty and Staff with access to multiple services by using a single  CIA username and password. This guide intends to provide very basic information about Single Sign On and OneLogin. It will not go into detail, nor is it intended to provide any more than a basic understanding of the concepts involved.

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Simply put, Single Sign-On (SSO) is a method for two or more services to communicate and recognize a user as the same person on a group of other services. A user is authenticated by one system which then passes on an identification/trust key or token recognized by the other system thus allowing the user access. Websites often allow visitors to sign up with Facebook or Google accounts which is a form of Single Sign-On.

How does Single Sign-On affect CIA users?

User accounts

CIA user accounts use the same username (sometimes the entire email address) and password.

Services available to access include:

  • User based network access
  • Outlook email for Faculty and Staff
  • Gmail for Students
  • G Suite (Drive, Docs, Etc. for everyone
  • myCIA
  • CIAlerts (Omnilert) emergency notification system
OneLogin for CIA Single Sign-On
  • OneLogin provides a Single Sign-On solution for connecting web based services to CIA user accounts.
  • The most visible use of OneLogin for a user at CIA is when logging into their Google account.
  • Signing-on to one account will allow a user to open another service directly.
  • Links from myCIA take a user directly to the OneLogin sign on screen and launches the desired service directly without identifying  OneLogin to the average person. This is intended because single sign-on should be a seamless experience for the user.


OneLogin for CIA password management

OneLogin provides CIA account owners the ability to manage their own passwords.

OneLogin password management includes:

  • Security questions
  • Account unlock for times when a password is entered incorrectly too many times
  • Intentional password change
  • Forgotten password reset

Because OneLogin connects to multiple systems password changes may take a few minutes to sync across them all.

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