Color Printing in All CIA Labs

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The following data sheet explains how to print files in color from the computer labs at CIA.

Step 1: Open your file.

If created using an Adobe application it is recommended to open your file in the appropriate program.

Preview Icon X'd

"Preview" is not recommended for optimal color output. If color is not a significant concern or the file was not created using an Adobe application then the default application is adequate.


Step 2: Open the print dialogue

Select the “File” drop-down menu and clicking “Print”.

File > Print

Step 3: Select your printer.

Printer names are typically indicated by the room number you are in and the printer model number. For example: you would select “G110 4025” if you were printing to the color laser printer in room 110 of the Gund building.

Step 4: Click on “Print Settings”/“Page Setup”.

Photoshop - Select Printer
Illustrator - Select Printer

Step 5: Set your page size and orientation through the page setup dialogue box. US Letter (8.5” x 11”) or Tabloid (11” x 17”)

Photoshop Page Setup Dialogue
Illustrator / Indesign / Acrobat Page Setup Dialogue

Step 6: Confirm your print preview is correct. If your image needs to be reduced or enlarged to fit your page, check scale to fit. Otherwise, uncheck to keep image at 100%.

Step 7: Click "Print".

Photoshop Scaling & Print
Acrobat Scaling & Print

Step 8: Go to myCIA and click on “Print Management”

myCIA > Print Management

Step 9: Login to Papercut using your CIA username and password.

Papercut Login

Step 10: Release the job(s) under the "Jobs Pending Release" tab.

Releasing job from Papercut

If you don't see the jobs appearing on Papercut, try clicking the "Refresh Now" button in the top right-hand corner of the window. If it still isn't showing up, try sending the job again; you won't be charged until you release the job.

If you realize that you do not have enough money to print the job, you can click the "Add Credit" tab on the left and follow the directions to add more money to your account.

You can only access your CIA Papercut account while your device is connected to CIA's main building's wifi.

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