Wide Format Printing Overview

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Wide format printers in the DOC should be used for work where the following characteristics are required:

  • Prints larger than 12" x 18"
  • Color critical
  • True photographic quality
  • Archival properties
  • Various paper substrate and finish options

For images that are 12" x 18" or less and do not require the above characteristics, the ColorPress printer in the DOC pre-production lab can be used for a significantly lower cost. For those instructions and procedures click here:

Step 1: Create your file.

8-bit images should be saved using the Adobe RGB 1998 color space. For optimum image quality of RAW photographs, a 16-bit file using the ProPhoto RGB color profile is suggested. Photographic resolution should be approximately 360 ppi when the image is at the final output size.

Please note 360 ppi is only a suggested guideline and that there is no magic resolution that is optimal for all images.

Step 2: Save your file.

The DOC is not responsible for assuring correct formatting of files. If proper file specifications below are not complied with, unpredictable results may occur or you may be asked to reformat the file properly and your order placed on hold indefinitely until the file has been properly formatted.

Illustrator & InDesign (vector files)

An Adobe PDF document is the suggested file type for all vector-based image files (anything created natively within in Illustrator and InDesign).

Ill: Save as
Save Dialogue
PDF Dialogue
Photoshop (raster/pixel files)

For Photographic images and files not containing vector information (anything created in Photoshop) a flat, uncompressed TIFF is the preferred file type.

PS: Save as
Save Dialogue
Tiff Dialouge
Step 3: Place an order

There are 2 ways to submit wide format print orders in the DOC: An order can be completed online by filling out the form on my.cia or in person by filling out a paper order.

Place Order Online

Online orders can be placed whether you are on or off campus.

1: Navigate to and click on link to "Place an Order".

my.cia links

Choose "Single Print Order" to submit an order for just one image file, choose "Multiple Print Order" to submit an order for more than one image file.

Note: Required fields have a red asterisk.

Note: If submitting multiple image files in which all images are being produced at the same size and on the same media choice, the single print order can still be used by collecting files into a zip folder or multipage pdf. Just specify the folder name or multipage pdf as the "File Name" and list the "Quanity" as 1 ea. (or however many copies) of 6 files/pages (or however many files or pages).

2: Complete the online form.

order page

3: Enter email address for order confirmation and click "Submit".

Place Order In-Person

In-person orders can be placed by going into the DOC and following the instruction below.

1: Proceed to the Digital Output Center pre-production lab in room M114.

2: Login on one of the workstations in the lab using your CIA credentials.

3: Complete an order form.

Paper forms can be found in the DOC office, room 115.

Paper form

4: Place file on shared network drop.

5: Place order form in "New Orders" tray on the counter in the DOC office.

Step 4: Check cost of order

1: Navigate to the Cost Calculator on my.cia.

2: Specify dimensions, media cost & quanity.

Cost Calculator

DOC employees on duty can help with pricing orders if you are having trouble figuring out the cost on your own.

Step 5: Confirm account balance/add funds

Student print accounts can only be accessed and funds deposited while student is on campus. Account balances can be confirmed by DOC employees via email, phone or in person. Contact information can be found here.

1: Go to my.cia and click on "Account Management" tab or click here.

Account Mgmt Page

2: Check balance and add credit, if necessary.

Step 6: Pickup of completed work

You will be notified by email or phone when your order is complete and ready to pickup in the DOC office, room 115. Orders will be held for up to 4 weeks after notification if they cannot be retrieved right away.

Turn around times vary depending on workload. It is recommended that orders be submitted at least one full day in advance. Every attempt will be made to complete output in the timeliest manner possible to accommodate everyone.

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