Wall Cutter

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The following data sheet explains how to use the Wall Cutter to cut down boards.

Wall Cutter

Step 1: Make sure the cutter is set to "Cut". If it is not, rotate the handle until the "Cut" symbol is facing forward.


Step 2: Place your board on the left of the cutter and slide it through the middle.

The blade will cut on the left side of the board, this means you should plan on the right side being the cut that you will use.

Insert Board

Step 3: Slide your board over to the measurement you would like.

Use the production stops to help keep your measurements when doing multiple cuts that are the same size.

If doing multiple cuts, try to plan out your cuts so that you're conserving as much as the board as possible.

Production Stops

Step 4: Push down on the lever to lock in your board.


Step 5: Pull the cutter above your board.

Once the cutter is in place, push the cutter in. It will make several clicks before it is fully in place.

You should be able to see that the blade is now hanging over the board.

You are now ready to begin cutting.

Once the blade is pushed passed the board, the only way to retract it, if needed, is to pull your board out and bring the cutter to the bottom. This will prevent it from cutting your board.


Step 6: Grab the cutter handle and pull the cutter down until it fully slices through your board.

Once it reaches the bottom and finishes cutting, the cutter will make a large click noise and the blade will retract back to its original position.

Please make sure to hold onto the left side of your board, so that it does not fall as you are cutting it. The section on the left side will not be held in place once it has been cut.

Trimmed Board

You can now continue the same process for any additional cuts.

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