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The following data sheet explains how to properly setup and save files in Adobe InDesign for the purpose of printing in the Digital Output Center at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Step 1: Setup color preferences for the application to “North America Prepress 2”

Select “Color Settings” from the edit drop down menu and select “North America Prepress 2” from the setting drop down menu.

Screenshot: Color Settings
Screenshot: NA Prepress 2

Step 2: Create a new document.

Select “New” > “Document” from the file drop down menu. Select “Web” for the internet (this sets your color space to RGB). Set number of pages, page size, columns, margins, bleed and slug.

Note: Sizes may be listed as pixels or “px”, but you can change it to inches by clicking the "Units" drop down menu and selecting inches.

Screenshot: File > New > Document
Screenshot: Change "Units" to Inches

Step 3: Set up units preferences to Inches. To make sure that you're creating a document using inches, Select “Preferences” and > “Units & Increments” from the InDesign drop down menu. Set the horizontal and vertical preferences to “Inches”.

Screenshot: Preferences
Screenshot: Units & Increments

Step 4: Design your image/layout.

Step 5: Save your file as PDF/X4:2008.

Select “Adobe PDF Presets” > “[PDF/X-4:2008]” under the file menu. Confirm “[PDF/X4:2008]” preset is selected in the PDF options dialogue box.

Screenshot: Adobe PDF Preset
Screenshot: Dialogue Box

Complying with recommended file types will greatly reduce the likelihood of issues that may delay the production of your work.

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