Saddle-Stitch Booklet Printing

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InDesign is the recommended application for booklet printing. If attempting to print a booklet from a different application, please arrange a time to meet with DOC staff.

Step 1

After opening and editing the image to be printed,  click on the "File" drop-down menu at top left and select "Print Booklet"

Be sure there are no errors. Otherwise, images and/or text may not print correctly.

Step 2

Select the "Preview" tab at left then click "Print Settingsā€¦"

Incorrect positioning/layout will highlight areas falling outside of print area in red, this will be rectified in the following steps.

Step 3

In the print dialogue 1) select the "Setup" tab at left then 2) select "DOC ColorPress" for the printer, 3) "Tabloid Oversize" or "US Letter" for the paper size, 4) the desired orientation (typically this will be horizontal) and 5) "Centered" as the Page Position. Then 6) click "Printer".

If there are blank pages then be sure to check "Print Blank Pages" in the General tab

To use bleed and insert trim marks (and any other printer marks) check those options in the "Marks and Bleed" tab

If desired, "Scale To Fit" can be selected in the Setup tab to adjust spread size to specified paper size

Step 4

Select desired preset for paper size, weight and orientation then click "Print" to close printer dialogue. Click "OK" ito close out InDesign print dialogue.

Step 5

Positioning/layout should show correctly in Preview tab now. If yes, click "Print".

If no, then check settings for orientation, scaling, (see step 3) and/or printer settings (see step 4).

Step 6

Release print from PaperCut. Click here for instructions on releasing prints from PaperCut.

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