Spiral Binder

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Step 1: Adjust the guide

Step 1: Adjust the guide so that the punch markers (squares above) all fall in the center of the book without any half-holds falling off the edges.

Punch Markers
Disengage any unused dies

Step 2: Disengage any unused dies by pulling out the little metal levers above, especially any that might cause half-holes on the edge.

Step 3: Insert bound edge of paper/book

Step 3: Insert bound edge of paper/book into "throat" of binder.

Step 4: Pull down on the first lever

Step 4:  Pull down on the first lever to punch binding holes.

First Lever
Step 5: Grab your wire

Step 5:  Use 3/16" wires for thinner books (6-10 sheets) and 9/16" wires for thicker books (10 sheets or more).

Step 6: Loading Wires

Step 6:  When loading wires into the binder, be sure that the thinner coils are facing out.

Inserting paper
Step 7: Place back cover

Step 7:  Place the back cover over the front cover. This will conceal the seam in the wire.

Flip Front Cover
Step 8: Thread the wires

Step 8:  Thread the wires through the punched holes.

Insert Paper on Wires
Step 9: Set the dial

Step 9:  Set the crimp dial to 1/4" (or 1/2" if using larger spines).

Crimp Dial
Step 10: Insert the spine

Step 10:  Place the spine, with the open side down, in the crimper and pull back on the 2nd lever until you feel a good deal of resistance (do not pull too hard).

Step 11: Use wire cutters

Step 11:  Once the wires are closed, take wire cutters out of the bottom drawer of the spiral binder and snip off any unused portion of the wire. You do not have to do this if you used the entire length of the wire.

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