How do I check out equipment?

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  1. Log in to your MyCIA account. On the left side of the webpage is a list called "My Pages" where you can access your resources. Click on Equipment Checkout.
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2. You'll be taken to the Equipment Checkout page on MyCIA. Click the red button that will take you to the "Patron Portal".

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3. When you login, you'll always see the Message Board with any updated information regarding the Equipment Checkout.

4.  On the left side of the main page of the Patron Portal is the option to create a new reservation.

WebCheckout Patron Portal

5. You'll be taken to the reservation page where you start by clicking the book icon to look for the equipment you need.

WebCheckout Patron Portal

6. You'll be taken to a Catalog  of all the equipment in Checkout. You'll scroll through using the arrows until you find the item you're looking for. For this demo, we'll checkout a Medium Wacom Tablet which falls under Wacom Cintiq Pens, Tablets, and Connectors.

7. From there, you'll be able to see the equipment related to Wacom under it's own Catalog. Once you've found what you need, click the item.

8. You'll add this to your cart by clicking on the + sign.

9. Some key reminders when making a reservation: Always have your start and end times the same time. Equipment can be checked out up to 2 business days. Once you've filled out your phone number and checked the terms and agreements as well as the pickup/return time, click the blue "save" button at the top.

10. If your dates/times aren't set accordingly, there will be a red 'error' at the top that has a drop down arrow to show you why

Congratulations! You've successfully reserved equipment. You'll receive an email with all the details of your reservation. You are able to edit your reservation if you need to add or take away equipment.

When you come to grab your equipment, make sure you have your student ID and note that if you're items aren't picked up within 4 HOURS of your set start time, the reservation will be cancelled.

RENEWING ITEMS: If you want to extend your items, you can log into the patron portal and extend from there. NOTE: You cannot renew any items that are late.

When you login to the Equipment Checkout page, click on the allocation that you are looking to renew/extend. You'll change the date/time and once the bar is green at the top, click save.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to swing by Checkout and chat with us!

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