How to Change a CIA Google Profile Name

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Google Profile names appear wherever Google chooses to display a user's name. This includes your display name in Google Meet. For some it may be preferable to change the name that appears to others.

This article will focus on the About Me Profile page that manages what others see about a User.

These changes will only affect Google. Similar account changes at CIA should be requested through the Registrar for students and Human Resources for faculty and staff.

Opening your Google Account profile

Personal Info ( can be used to change your name and it will carry over to the About me profile.

Profile (what others see About Me ) Has fields that will be explained in order to avoid confusion.

About Me Account Profile instructions

  1. Open your Google Account Profile Page
  2. Select profile image and confirm you are logged in with your CIA user account.
  3. In the example below the user is logged on with a CIA Staff account.
  4. Select the desired account for editing. (The user wants to change the CIA Student account profile, which is [email protected])
Google Account

Select 'NAME'

Google Account

2 options are available when editing a profile name

  1. 'Name' will always be visible. It should be changed for  preferred name display
  2. 'Nickname' will not replace the 'Name'  it is only added to the the Name. If  the desire to remove the current name do not use 'Nickname' edit 'Name'
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