How to comment or post to a blog

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By default blog's on myCIA do not allow everyone to post. In some instances a course or group admin chooses to allow members of their group to post and comment on the blog.

How to comment

When looking at a Blog on myCIA comments can be made if "DISCUSS" is visible at the bottom of the post.

  1. Select "DISCUSS" to expand the post, read, and add comments.

The comment view will allow you to:

  1. Edit or Delete your own post (if you have permission)
  2. Delete previous comments on the post
  3. Post a new comment
  4. SAVE your comment
Blog post comment screen

How to Post

Students or Group members cannot add Blog posts unless they have been provided permission to do so on the page where the Blog is.

The Blog window will need to be expanded to view the "Add a New Post" button

To expand the blog window select :

  1. "The Blog Title" or
  2. "View more posts"

If the user has permission to post the "Add a new post" button will appear at the top of the window

  1. Select"Add a new post"
  1. Add a Headline
  2. Compose your post
  3. Select "Preview" (if desired)
  4. Select "Save"
  5. You should not need to edit the options for the post.
  6. Cancel if you don't want to post (this will not save what has been entered)
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