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Barcode uses

Barcodes for student sales are provided as a convenience and require advance preparation on the part of all sellers.

Barcode Creation

Barcodes are generated by Online Services after products have been entered into the seller account.

OSD (Online Service Department) steps to create barcodes and labels

The Online Services Department generates barcodes and labels only after the seller has added them from their seller dashboard.

These steps are provided for your information to provide an understanding of the process. Sellers can not follow any of these steps


The barcode number for each product and its variants must be created before labels can be produced.

  1. Barcodes are created for all products that don't have barcodes yet. This allows for existing labels or barcodes to be used for existing products.


  1. After the barcodes are generated OSD selects products for label printing.
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  1. For printed products and Fundraising Sales only one barcode label is created.
  2. Dimensional products will have barcode labels created based on the current inventory.

Fundraising and Event barcodes

Fundraising sales and events usually have set prices that apply to similar items. Barcode Sheets are created for easy checkout at the register.

Printed products and barcodes

Posters and stickers should incorporate the barcode into the print file.

How to add the barcode to your print file (basic instructions regardless of software used for the artwork.)

The Barcode labels are provided in a .PDF file. The .PDF should easily import into a variety of software. This example is using Adobe Illustrator.

Duplicate your artfile and open it.

Import the provided barcode PDF


DON'T Panic!

If you get an error message about missing fonts it is okay. You only need the barcode and the barcode numbers. Choose a new font. Missing font  highlights will be removed when the font is replaced.

Fonts may be replace during or after import.

Once the barcodes are imported/placed/inserted, copy the barcode and place it on the print file where desired.

Basic example of barcode placement in printing file
  • Do not change the width of your barcode.  
  • Keep .25 inch white margin on the left and right of your barcode.
  • Keep the height of the barcode no smaller than .25 inch.
  • You may need to adjust your print file to accommodate the barcode placement.
  • Do not place the barcode at an angle. Angled barcodes may not scan due to printing methods.
  • If possible keep barcodes outside of sticker die lines
  1. This barcode is inside the die line. The Sticker shape should be changed to accomodate the single sticker barcode. The margin around the barcode is insufficient and may prevent proper scanning.


Make sure the barcode is the correct one. This example has a single item barcode and a group barcode. The number is for  human reference.

Barcode Scanners interpret the spacing and weight as the numbers.

Test your art file barcode

Print out the portion of your arwork cotaining the barcode at actual size.

Use a barcode scanning app to test the barcode. It should display the numbers  of your barcode.

Dimensional products and barcodes

Labels for dimensional products require a full inventory quantity before being produced. One barcode label is produced for each item in the inventory.

Due to the nature of in-person sales the inventory should reflect expected quantity or slightly above. This allows for last minute product production after the barcode labels have been printed.

How do sellers get their barcodes?

After the barcodes and labels are ready the .PDF files will be shared with the Student Life supervisor, the Digital Output center and the Department Chair of Illustration.

Student Life and DOC will coordinate distribution of printed labels.

Student life can provide the individual PDF files to all sellers for their own use.

Illustration Department Chair will work with Illustration students to provide their single item barcodes .PDF

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