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For student's to manage products for sale at CIA they will require a Student Seller Account.

Originally the seller account was used for the Annual Holiday Sale. Since then the need for students to manage products for sale has expanded to CIA approved clubs and organization fundraising, creativity works and seasonal sales (Holiday and Spring).

This article is intended as a general overview of  basic student seller account  mangement.

Other articles related to product management and barcodes are available on myCIA > Departments > CIA Store > Student Sale Resources.

Access the Seller Account Dashboard

Log on to myCIA and go to the Student Sale Resources page.

  1. From the myCIA Student Sale Resources page
  2. Open the Seller Dashboard
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Seller Account

Previous Seller Account Locked

If you have sold  before and your account is locked


Submit a support ticket at Attn. Matt Minnich and he will unlock your account.

If you simply forgot your password then you simply need to reset your password.

Instructions for resetting your password are at the end of this article.

New Seller: Create an Account

If you do not have a seller account

  1. Select "Join Now"
  1. Enter Your full name
  2. CIA Student Email address
  3. Unique password
  4. Confirmation of the unique password
  5. Select "Create"

If you already have a seller's account from previous years an error will appear indicating that your email address already exists.

You will need to reset your password. Instructions for resetting your password are at the end of this article.

  1. After creating the account, you will be taken directly to your Seller Dashboard. You are ready to submit products for sale.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address used to create the account. The email should be your CIA Student email address.
Reset my seller account password

If you can't remember your password you will need to reset it

If you need to change your forgotten password:

  1. From the Seller Login window select "Forgot your Password?" and launch the password reset window
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Select "Reset"

Check your email

  1. The password reset email will be sent from [email protected]
  2. It will contain your new (temporary) password
  3. It is recommended that you change the password after you login to your account
Change my seller account password

It is recommended that you change your password again after resetting it.

After logging into your seller account:

  1. Open the PROFILE tab
  2. Select MY ACCOUNT
  1. Enter your Current Password
  2. Enter the new password
  3. Confirm the new password
  4. Select Save

If you don't remember your password, and you need to change it. You should follow the "Forgot your Password?" method.

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