Finding Lost Files on Lab PCs

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Sometimes lab PCs need to be wiped by the CIA IT Staff if the computer is unable to function. Even if the computer is wiped, student data and files are saved in the DATADRIVE or D: drive in a folder only you can access. To find the D: DATADRIVE file, follow these steps.

Once logged in to the lab PC that was recently wiped, click on the File Explorer icon in the menu bar to open File Explorer.

Once File Explorer opens, find the DATADRIVE (D:) drive in the left side bar.

Once the DATADRIVE (D:) is open, find the folder designated by your first and middle initial, and last name. This folder houses all the information you saved locally on this computer before the wipe.

Sometimes there will be two or three folders with your designation and a number (ie. pclyttle-1, pclyttle-2). The most recent folder will be the highest number.

Within you designated folder, you will find a collection of folders. If you've saved files to the Desktop, then the files will be found on the Desktop here. If you saved files in Documents, then the files will be found in Documents, and so on.

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