Basic Faculty Tools for myCIA Learn

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Page Toolbar

The Page Toolbar only applies to its specific page content.

  1. Preferences: users may define personal preferences for a page if available
  2. Access: specify user permissions for viewing the current page
  3. Options:  add, name, delete  a page feature (content block) to/from the current page
  4. Settings: access to page feature (content block) settings when available
  5. Layout: choose a column based layout for the current page content
  6. Rearrange: move  page features (content blocks)  around the current page
  7. MoxieManager: upload, organize and manage files with course and user specific folders
  8. Print: Print the current page
  9. ?:
  10. Change View: Allows faculty to see the course pages as a student

Course/Context Manager

The Course/Context Manager is where the course pages and sections are organized.

  1. Course Manager is the tab name in the course page menu.
  2. The page label is Context Manager

Context Manager Tabs

  1. Properties: basic settings for the course section
  2. Pages: Add, Delete, Name and Order pages
  3. Sub-Sections: Add, Delete, Nam and Order Sub-Sections (groupings of pages)
  4. Permissions: View and Manage all Access to all pages in the section (Sub-sections have their own Course/Context Manager page)
  5. Course Export: settings for creating and exporting a Course Cartridge
  6. Email Log: Record of all emails sent from the Roster page for a course.


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