How to resize images on myCIA

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Uploaded images in myCIA may need to be resized.

It is recommended that images be sized prior to upload.

This can be accomplished using a photo editor such as Photoshop or an online image editor of your choosing.

How to resize image display dimensions when adding it to myCIA content

After uploading and choosing your image for placement you can change the display dimensions before clicking "OK."

The selected image will fill in the file Dimensions.

  1. Keep "Constrain proportions" checked to prevent distorted images as you resize them
  2. Enter the desired image width or height pixels (the other dimension will auto calculate to match the proportions of the initial dimension)

The image is too big. Now what?

In this example the image is far too large. 2418 x1685 pixels is roughly 8x5.5 inches for a printed image.

  1. Notice that the image is so large it is unrecognizable. It needs to be resized.
  2. Select the image so that the corner square is visible.
  3. Select the edit image icon
  1. Enter a smaller width, such as 500.
  2. Select "OK"

Preview or save your post

Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the size of the image.

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