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Mask Contest

Design your mask Using the Mask Instructions from

Submit it using the Mask Submission Template.

Place your design in the CIA_Mask_Submission.ait template

ScreenCapture *

Two save options are available you may use either method.

Select the method to view instructions.

Save for Web (legacy) or Export for Screens


The submission file specs are: 72dpi, 450 x 348 JPEG.

Save for Web (Legacy)
Save for Web
  1. Select JPEG
  2. Choose Maximum and Quality 100%
  3. Enter Width of 450. If the Link is connected then the Height will change to 348.
  4. Save

Make sure the image size is showing px

Export for Screens
Export for Screens
Export for Screens
  1. Select the desired arboard
  2. Name the artboard by clicking on the name
  3. If more than one artboard is present choose Range and enter the artboard number
  4. Choose the desired export location
  5. Choose width from the Scale drop down and enter 450 px
  6. Choose JPG 100 as the format
  7. Export Artboard
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