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Updated Sep 05, 2018

CIA Student email accounts may be accessed online with any web browser at

Access will require your CIA student email address and  password.

Student Email can be accessed using any email app that accepts the following information.

Specific app instructions are listed after the table.

Setting Type Setting 
Email address
Username for email set up

(CIA usernames normally consist of
First (given) initial + Middle initial + Last (family) name)
Password CIA account password
Mail Server

iPad/iPhone default mail app

If no other email account has been set up (Expand)

If no other email account has been set up

  1. Find and open the iPad/iPhone default mail app.
  2. Choose Exchange not Google
If other email accounts are already set up on the device (Expand)

If other email accounts already exist

  1. Find and open the iPad/iPhone settings.
  2. Select Accounts & Passwords
  3. Tap Add Account
  4. Choose Exchange not Google
Enter the iPad/iPhone default email settings
  1. Enter your student email address
  2. Describe the email account for easy recognition
  3. Tap Next to continue

Because student email is using Gmail with a custom domain ( it is necessary to use the Exchange server process for setup. However, the Gmail Server will need to be Configured Manually.

  1. Choose Configure Manually
  2. Enter your password
  3. Tap Next to continue
  1. Enter the Server
  2. Do Not Enter a Domain
  3. Tap Next to continue

The settings will verify and briefly display checkmarks before contining to the Save Screen

  1. Checkmarks appear briefly after the settings are verified
  2. Choose which items should sync with your iPad (these settings make data available for mail and other apps to use)
  3. Tap Save
  1. Email will start to sync and the number will grow
    Tap the number to expand the inbox
  2. No messages are visible in the main area until one is selected

3rd party email apps

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