Accessing Google Drive from any Internet Browser

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There are two ways to access Google Drive from any Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge/Explorer). Students, staff, and faculty have storage in Google Drive, so it is our preferred method of saving files at CIA. However, all computer files should also be backed up periodically on an external drive.

1. Access Google Drive through OneLogin.

1. Go to OneLogin is where IT manages student services.

2. Enter your school email and password.

3. Click LOG IN.

Click on the Google Drive link/icon.

2. You can access Google Drive directly from your Gmail.

1. Login to your gmail.

2. Click on the Google Apps menu dropdown.

3. Click the Google Drive icon.

Click "More" to see what other services your Google Account grants you access to such as YouTube, Maps, Translate, Photos, and more.

Finally, to learn more about using Google Drive, click Help from the Settings menu for tutorials and walkthroughs.

To add files in Google Drive:

1. Click the "My Drive" button.

2. Click "add files" or simply drag and drop you files.

To learn more about using Google Drive:

1. Click the Gear icon (the Settings menu) in the top left.

2. Click Help and browse the tutorials.

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